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Bioinformatics Unit

Within the last few years omics technologies have revolutionized biomedical research. Techniques such as Next generation sequencing, DNA microarrays, proteomics or metabolomics are allowing researchers to analyze biological processes from a global perspective and have proven to be very useful tools to characterize molecular mechanisms associated with different diseases.

These new methodologies are generating large amounts of data. Therefore, complex statistical and data mining techniques are needed for processing and analyzing these datasets, as well as high computing infrastructure to efficiently store and manage them. In this context, bioinformatics is playing a major role in genomics projects and has become an essential discipline in current research.

Our work in the unit is mainly focused on:

    • Provide support in analysis and interpretation of data through the use of statistical and computational techniques in internal and external projects
    • Development of new computational methods for the integrated analysis of heterogeneous data
    • Analysis of molecular signatures for biomarker discovery, potential new treatments and modular structures of genes and phenotypes in complex diseases

Among the main resources we have:

    • High Performance Computing Cluster with18 nodes with two eight-core processors at 2.4 GHz and 128GB of RAM. These resources provide a total 2.25TB of RAM and more than 11 TFlops of computing power. Moreover, the cluster is backed by a system of high-performance storage with over 180TB of space.
    • 6 nodes computing cluster with two four-core processors at 2.53Ghz and 32GB RAM.