Project Management Unit and Business Development

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This will help the centre’s executive team in creating and developing the strategy to raise funds for centre activities and to manage them:

  • Promoting and coordinating attendance at regional, national and international calls for subsidies in developing R&D+i activities.
  • Support in creating, as well as executing training and refresher plans of scientific personnel in coordination with the management.
  • Support in organization of events, conferences, seminars and training courses.
  • Managing active communication of the centre both on a scientific and social level.
  • Favouring collaboration between Andalusian research groups and other national or international groups.
  • Fostering the creation of alliances between the centre and other entities (health sector companies, universities and institutions) as well as participation of it in scientific networks aimed at research into genetics and genomics applied to health.
  • Promoting technology transfer between the centre and the business sector.
  • Promoting forms of working in developing projects that facilitate compliance with current legislation in preclinical and clinical development.
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