Mission and Objectives

GENYO is the first national centre devoted to genomics that integrates the Public Administration, the University and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical business sector, which would allow the integration of research in all its phases, from the generation of knowledge to its development in clinical and pharmaceutical applications, the development of new projects and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated to human genetic variability, such a cancer and rare diseases, diabetes, hypertension or degenerative diseases, among others. The centre has been designed with the aim of becoming an international benchmark centre, where excellence research is perfumed in the space of convergence and interaction of genomics applied to health.

GENYO shall focus its efforts on establishing technological approaches aimed at resolving citizens’ health problems. The centre arises with the philosophy of doing basic, applied and translational research. Its objective is to minimize the times between the development of new technologies, products and/or procedures, and their possible application to health.

GENYO’s main objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • As benchmark centre in research into genetics and genomics applied to health, developing and support the research in this field throughout the Autonomous Region of Andalusia.
  • Promoting technology transfer between the centre’s research groups and the business sector.
  • Promoting development of clinical research in genetics and genomics aimed at resolving citizens’ health problems, within the framework of the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA), National Health System (SNS) and equivalent entities.
  • Educating and training healthcare personnel from the SSPS, SNS and similar or people interested in the areas of genetic medicine and genomic medicine, being the benchmark centre for training these professionals in collaboration with other entities and institutions.
  • Promoting creation of alliances between the centre and other entities (companies, universities and health sector institutions), as well as participation of it in scientific networks, focussed on applying genetics and genomics in clinical practice at a regional, national and international level.