Genomics Unit

The Genomics Unit has been partially funded by ERDF funds (FEDER)


Genomics Unit. Presentation

Genomics is one of the most recent areas of Biology, and even so it has progressed enormously over the last decades. Genomics includes a wide range of sciences and techniques aimed at the study of the genetic information of organisms, called genome. Genomics includes knowledge in genetics, molecular biology, informatics, optics, physics, and statistics, and studies the genetic information of cells and the mechanisms for the regulation of gene expression and repression.

In the field of health, genomics reveals the differences in the content of the genetic code, and the variations of gene expression responsible for the differences between ill and healthy individuals. The first milestone of functional genetics in this area is to determine the sequence of the genetic code, in order to know its function and action in the patient`s physiology.

The genetic code is nearly the same for all (ill or healthy) persons. However, there is a series of positions in DNA channels that determine the differences in the genetic make-up of individuals, and it is called Genotyping.

The landscape of Genomics has changed drastically. Its beginning was an attempt to look for a concrete DNA position to study its association to disease; today, it is able to describe thousands of DNA positions in thousands of individuals, or even to know the genetic code of a person in less than a week.

The Genomics Unit of GENYO is devoted to functional genomics and genotyping applied to the field of health. It is composed of a team of scientists and technicians aimed at studying full human genome and gene expression; it is provided with the best platforms and equipment required to this aim. The Unit offers complete automated work system in order to obtain maximum performance in the minimum time, and to minimize the errors as much as possible. Two key points must be emphasized that improve the activities carried out in that Unit: the large experience in genetic analysis of the researchers involved, and the high-throughput technology of the Unit.


The main goal of the Genomics and Genotyping Unit is to provide support to the investigation of the Center, and to support the work of the Research Groups of the entities making up the Center, such as Pfizer, University of Granada, and Junta de Andalusia (Andalusian Regional Government).

The Unit is available to both internal and external researchers, promoting the relationship between the Center and other entities, as well as the participation in scientific networks focused on the application of genetics and genomics on the clinical practice at a regional, national, and international level. The networks are available for universities, research centers, companies, foundations, and institutions in the health, biomedical, and biotechnology field for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

The Genomics and Genotyping Unit is one of the essential tools for GENYO to be considered as a reference center in genetic and genomic research applied to the public health, both in the Andalusian Regional Government and at a national and international level.