GENYO is a mixed centre with stakes held by the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, the Regional Ministry of Health, the University of Granada and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. This centre has been devised as a space for excellence research in genomic medicine, focussing on the comprehensive study and understanding of the genetic basis of human diseases in general, placing special emphasis on cancer and its genetic disorders related to inheritance.

GENYO was created as a multidisciplinary research space, where different professionals from the healthcare, university and business areas interact, making it possible to generate new systems to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases based on the joint and coordinated application of first-rate knowledge in the different areas of genetics.

This centre is the benchmark centre of the Andalusian Program for Research in Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine, a program which, together with those of Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, and Nanomedicine have the main objective of supporting and fostering translational research in Advanced Therapies. The activities performed within these three research programs are developed in coordination with the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies (IATA), an initiative of the Andalusian Government promoted by the Regional Ministries of Health and Innovation, Science and Enterprise.

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