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Este es el listado de seminarios impartidos por ponentes externos. Para consultar el listado de seminarios intramurales pulsa en este enlace

16/11/2018 12:00
Dissecting the complexity of the brain metastasis microenvironment
Dr. Manuel Valiente
19/10/2018 12:00
Resistance to antiangiogenic therapies: from mice to man
Dr. Oriol Casanovas Casanovas
14/09/2018 12:00
Driving neuro-inflammation into neuroprotection via IL13-mediated alternative activation of brain-resident microglia and infiltrating monocytes
Prof. Peter Ponsaerts
13/07/2018 12:00
Genome Analysis for Complex Diseases
Dr. Patrick May
15/06/2018 12:00
Bioinformatics for discovery of survival biomarkers and gene regulators of complex diseases using large-scale omic data from clinical cohorts: studies on breast cancer and colorectal cancer.
Dr. Javier De Las Rivas
21/05/2018 10:00
From DNA fingerprinting to excellence in genetics public engagement
Dr. Cas Kramer
11/05/2018 12:00
Advanced therapies and disease models for rare diseases by cell reprogramming and genome editing
Dr. Juan Roberto Rodríguez Madoz
13/04/2018 12:00
Computational analysis of mass cytometry data from high-grade serous ovarian tumors
Julia Casado
13/03/2018 09:30
Interface of Physics and Medicine: The Next Big Thing is at the Nanoscale
Dr. Giuseppe Strangi
09/03/2018 12:00
Cellular Reprogramming in Hematopoiesis and Immunity
Dr. Filipe Pereira
22/02/2018 18:00
Acto de Donación AUPA
Acto de Donación AUPA
09/02/2018 12:00
Drugging the undruggable: Preclinical validation of an Omomyc cell-penetrating peptide as a viable anti-Myc therapy
Dra. Laura Soucek
12/01/2018 12:00
Precision medicine requires genomic big data and systems medicine
Dr. Joaquín Dopazo