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Este es el listado de seminarios impartidos por ponentes externos. Para consultar el listado de seminarios intramurales pulsa en este enlace

16/12/2015 12:30
Mechanisms of cell reprogramming
Dr. Thomas Graf
15/12/2015 13:00
Alkylphospholipid induced apoptosis by lipid raft reorganization and endoplasmic reticulum stress as a promising strategy in cancer therapy
Dr. Faustino Mollinedo
04/12/2015 12:30
?Understanding platelet production and function through various study tools?
Dra. Laura Gutiérrez Gutiérrez
06/11/2015 09:30
"Targeting immunosuppression by Tregs with anti-GARP antibodies that block active TGF-?1 production?
Pr. Sophie Lucas, Université catholique de Louvain
09/10/2015 12:00
Setting up the body?s own immune system towards the tumor vasculature
Prof.Dr. Arjan Griffioen
08/10/2015 12:30
Cell reprogramming: human oocyte as source of information and application in disease modeling
Dra. Mª Elena González Muñoz
05/10/2015 12:00
"Innate Activation of B cells"
Dr. Alejo Chorny, Rockefeller University
01/10/2015 12:00
Cellualar functions of the Microprocessor component DGCR8
Dra. Sara Macias Ribela, Institute of Immunology and Infection Research
25/09/2015 17:00
?MicroRNAs en la carcinogénesis cervical y su aplicación en biomedicina molecular?
Prof. Oscar Peralta Zaragoza
24/09/2015 12:00
An epigenetic pathway required for molecular and behavioral individuality in zebrafish
Dr. Ángel-Carlos Román, Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme Fundaçao Champalimaud
11/09/2015 12:00
?A rapid method for the identification of cyclic peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions?
Dr. Ali Tavassoli, University of Southampton
27/07/2015 12:00
Driving biological discovery: An expanding toolkit for affinity proteomics
John LaCava (Rockefeller, NY, US)
08/07/2015 12:00
Evolving safety and efficacy of gene therapy for immunodeficiencies
Professor Adrian , FMedSci University College London
08/07/2015 09:30
Fundamentals and Applications of CyTOF®2 Mass Cytometry
Dr Andrius Serva
06/07/2015 12:00
Nucleoside transporters as members of the purinome and drug targets in chemotherapy
Professor Marçal Pastor Anglada
19/06/2015 12:00
"Tiny droplets to help fighting cancer or Picoliter droplet based digital PCR for cancer patient follow up"
Dra. Valerie Taly
11/06/2015 12:00
Regulation of homologous recombination: deciding how to fix the breaks
Dr. Pablo Huertas
21/05/2015 12:00
Anidamiento de células tumorales circulantes durante el proceso de metástasis
Dr. Miguel Abal Posada
22/04/2015 12:00
From single molecules to intracellular sensing for future diagnostic applications
Dr. Ángel Orte
17/04/2015 12:00
The mechanism of human LINE-1 mobilization: key steps for efficient retrotransposition
Dr. Aurélien Doucet
16/04/2015 12:00
Unraveling novel functions for APRIL signaling pathway in breast cancer promotion and in B lymphocyte modulation
Dra. Lourdes Planelles
19/03/2015 12:00
Endogenous formaldehyde as a source of DNA damage in Fanconi Anemia
Dr. Ivan Valle Rosado
18/03/2015 12:00
Fundación MEDINA, your partner for the Discovery of Novel molecules
Dr. José Rubén Tormo, Nuria De Pedro
13/03/2015 12:00
Computational Analysis of ncRNAs with applications to cancer and microbiology
Prof. Alfredo Ferro
19/02/2015 12:00
Loss-of-function in cancer associated NQ01 Polymorphism: Linking protein dynamics, stability and catalysis
Dr. Ángel Luis Pey Rodríguez
13/02/2015 12:00
A CRISPR view of cancer modeling
Dra. Sandra Rodríguez Perales
16/01/2015 12:00
Reparando el oído con células madre: hacia un verdadero implante coclear biónico
Prof. Marcelo Rivolta