Throughput Microarrays Scanners Systems:

The iScan from Illumina and the Agilent Microarray Scanner systems are high-resolution microarrays which provide a wide variety of applications to researchers.
  • Massive analysis using probes systems fixed on the reader microarray by laser excitation and high-resolution scanner system, for analysis of CNV (Copy Number Variation) and SNPs (Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism).
  • Methylation patterns analysis
  • Gene transcription analysis. Analyses can be performed globally (Genome-Wide) or customized by the researcher with predefined assays for specific diseases or gene specific regions.

Next Generation Sequencing:

5500xl SOLID System, from Applied Biosystems by Life Technologies. It is a genetic analysis platform for massive DNA sequencing.

This system is used for mega, advanced or massive sequencing (deep-sequencing) studies. It allows users to perform complete sequences above DNA 1 base G, using multiplexing system. It also allows to perform sequencing of complete small genomes identification of the complete genetic variability, measurement of transcripts in specific samples, and epigenetic studies; a more accurate technology improving reading, clarifying domains and variables, in GC-rich and AT-rich regions; full automated preparation of samples, with minimum quantity of errors. This system reduces costs importantly and compare the information obtained and the total cost (GB/€).

This equipment allows to perform the following studies:

  • Whole-genome study
  • Genome filtration (exome, genic space)
  • Methylation
  • cDNA sequencing (transcriptomics)
  • ChIPs sequencing (chromatine Immunoprecipitation)
  • Paired-ends sequencing (Assembly)

Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing:

3130 HID Genetic analyzer, by Applied Biosystems by Life Technologies, for the analysis of DNA fragments, SNPs genotyping, and DNA sequencing.

Quantification systems of gene expression and real-time PCR genotyping:

Two platforms TaqMan 7900HT, by Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies. Real-time PCR systems with capacity of 1-30 positions analysis in 384 samples. Higher accuracy equipment, with laser excitation source for scanning.

The 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System, by Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies.


The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex System with OpenArray™ system. It is a highly flexible, real-time PCR platform that enables a broad range of applications with maximum throughput to researchers. This efficient and accurate system with OpenArray™ technology enables the scaling from 1 to 12,000 data points in a single run. It can produce up to 110.000 data points in a day. The components are designed to increase throughput and efficiency, reducing the time of manipulation, and costs.

The system includes 11 formats in order to provide flexible solutions in the plates configuration for the analysis of gene expression, miRNA or genotyping.

Expression analysis Samples/Plate Genotyping Analysis Samples/Plate
18 (3X) assays 48 16 assays 144
56 assays 48 32 assays 96
112 assays 24 64 assays 48
168 assays 16 128 assays 24
224 assays 12 192 assays 16
    256 assays 12

Digital PCR:

The QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System, is a simple and affordable platform that allows quantification and detection of specific sequences of nucleid acids by endpoint method. After amplification it enables to obtain up to 20,000 data points per sample, which facilitates the absolute quantification of gene expression, copy number variation (CNV) study, and low-frequency events.

Other equipment available: