We seek highly qualified professionals for the Pfizer-University of Granada-Junta de Andalucía Centre for Genomics and Oncological Research (GENYO) will be located in Granada. The jobs available are: Area Coordinators, Principal Investigators, Research Associates and Technical Specialists.

1. Contact information
2. Type of participation
3. Areas of interest
4. Current Professional Status
5. Actual Members of the Research Group
6. Research Lines
7. Minimum requirements for admission of researchers

Researchers who want to join GENYO, either as researchers physically in the centre or associate researchers, must comply with the minimum requirements listed in this section. In addition to the minimum admission criteria, the Governing Board will set minimum continuance criteria which, in no case will exceed 25% of overall improvement with respect to the minimum admission criteria. To reach the overall limit set by the Governing Board it will be possible to compensate some criteria with others (e.g. criteria of scientific production with projects, technology transfer, etc.). Two years after joining, an informative assessment will be made which will inform the researcher of the degree of compliance with these requirements. After four years, a binding assessment will be made. Continuity of the researcher in the centre is subject to the positive result of this assessment. This evaluation shall be repeated every four years.

8. Documentation to be provided by the candidate

In order to be able to assess the researcher’s candidacy in detailed form, they must submit:

  • A report-summary of the research made to now by the researcher (maximum one and a half pages).
  • A report stating the scientific project to be carried out in the centre during the next 5 years (maximum one and a half pages).
  • A CV. (It can include a section highlighting the scientific contributions of the researcher which are in accordance with the scientific project proposed).
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9. Assessment system

All application forms received will be assessed following a strict process based on indicators of scientific merit. To access this assessment process, it will be necessary to meet the minimum entry requirements. The merits assessed in the evaluation of the candidate to join the centre are based on indicators of scientific production in genetics and genomics applied to health, raising funds in calls for competition, participation in European projects, participation in clinical research projects and in clinical research, technology transfer indicators and other merits such as research awards, participation in scientific journal assessment committees, etc.

GENYO will directly offer positions for the entry of researchers in the categories of: Area Coordinator, Principal Investigator, Associate Researcher, and Head of the Research Support Unit. The offers of Senior Researcher, Post-doctorate, Pre-doctorate and Specialist Technicians positions will depend directly on the PIs whose research lines they are assigned to.

The candidates must indicate in their application form the category their candidacy is aimed at (Area Coordinator, Principal Investigator, etc.). Depending on the level of assessment indicators obtained by the candidate, the Assessment Committee can redirect the application received to the category that, in its opinion, the candidate’s profile best fits.