Staff and contacts

Staff and Contacts

The Microscopy and Molecular Imaging Unit is under the scientific direction of Professor. Dr. María José Serrano Fernández, PhD. who has large experience in the field of confocal laser microscopy and laser capture microdissection.

Dr. Serrano Fernández obtained her PhD degree in 2003 at the University of Jaén, Spain. She worked at the Health Sciences Department., and focused her investigation on the study of the phenotypic and genetic characteristics of circulating tumor cells present in the blood of solid tumor patients. These studies imply the use of different microscopy systems together with phenotypic and genetic analysis software. A patent has been developed under this line of research based on the phenotypic analysis of circulating tumor cells with multiple markers. She is completing the studies by using platforms such as laser microdissection systems, since laser capture microdissection is a useful and reliable technique in the isolation of pathologic pure cell populations into the tumor mass. This method together with molecular biology and confocal laser microscopy, is to distinguish which molecules are involved in the metastatic process and the tumor dissemination.

Dr. Raquel Marrero Díaz is the responsible for the technical direction. She obtained her PhD degree at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 2009. She wrote the thesis at the Confocal Microscopy Unit of the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas , where she acquired wide formation and excellent experience in advanced epi-fluorescence microscopy and confocal laser microscopy techniques such as photoactivation, FRAP, FLIP, FRET, time-lapse microscopy imaging, as well as imaging processing and analysis. She is actually tasked with managing and maintaining the microscopy and laser microdissection equipments of GENYO. She also provides technical support to internal and external users of the Unit, on the experiments design and the correct samples preparation. She also conducts training courses to the research staff about microscopy techniques and processing systems and imaging analysis. She carries out new techniques and advanced applications in cooperation with the scientific director in order to improve quality in services of the Unit.


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