General Information

General Information:

The Genomics and Genotyping Unit of GENYO is dedicated mainly to high-throughput SNP genotyping, DNA sequencing, and gene expression quantification.

The services available in the Unit are exclusively aimed at research projects. Services of the Unit are available to all the researchers that request them, with preference to the research staff of GENYO and collaborators, and to the projects that follow the preferential research lines of the Center.

GENYO has the initiative of building partnerships with other Research Centers and Companies, and is interested in providing the best service to the field of research, therefore GENYO offers to the users reduced rates and processing times.

The Units of GENYO want to offer an excellent research setting focused on patients, with continuous improvements and the best quality of results. We provide the most efficient and adequate materials and methods. The scientific staff of the Unit, largely experienced on genomics, will provide support to users about the best technology to be applied in each project. Time of performance and rates will be adjusted to each project, without detriment to the quality of results.


The budget and working plan of the projects submitted to the Unit will be examined by the scientific staff and will be calculated based on prior works, according to the technical difficulties, issues and repetitions necessary from the beginning, avoiding biased results. It also will depend on the relationship of the applicant researcher with the Center and the work overload of the Unit.

Protocol of functioning:

If you have never been a user associated with this Service, you have to implement this Application Form to register as user, and send it to:

Subsequently, the scientific responsible for the Unit will select the best applicant to be contacted. A principal researcher or technical responsible could be assigned, according to the needs of the user.

Once the relationship between the user and the Unit has been established, the user will be able to select the most appropriate technology that best suits their needs, considering the number of samples of the assay and the type of study to be performed. Once the most appropriate protocol is established, the user will receive the minimum requirements of the samples:

  • Delivery format (type of plate, tube…)
  • Optimal quantity: minimum concentration, volume and quality
  • Address for delivery, and timelines, and form of shipment

A budget according to the total cost of the assay will be delivered to the user. The samples together with a samples sheet with code and/or reference characters will be enclosed for the name of the sample the user want to send us.Al mismo tiempo, se le enviará un presupuesto ajustado con el coste total de su ensayo.

If you need any other prior service different from those included in the services of the Unit, it will not be INCLUDED in the genotyping service:

  • DNA and RNA sample extraction
  • Quantification of samples (quality and quantity).
  • DNA samples amplification (WGA)

GENYO offers to the users solutions for the complete development of their projects. It must notify to the researcher that contacts you.

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