Seminarios Intramurales

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08/09/2015 09:30
"Improving gene edition tools for Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome gene therapy"
Alejandra Gutierrez
28/07/2015 09:30
"Understanding the possible role of LINE retrotransposons during vertebrate development and regeneration"
Ana Ariza
21/07/2015 09:30
"Mouse Models of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus"
Dra. María Morell
07/07/2015 09:30
Novel genome-editing tools to model and correct primary immunodeficiencies
Dr. Karim Benabdel
16/06/2015 09:30
?How an extracellular protease participates in tumor neovascularization? Work in progress ??
Juan Carlos Rodríguez-Manzaneque
09/06/2015 09:30
"Missing heritability for human complex traits"
Manuel Martínez
26/05/2015 09:30
The role of HOXA9 in hemato-endothelial differentiation from hPSC
Dra. Verónica ramos
12/05/2015 09:30
Chemical Tools for Biomedical Applications
05/05/2015 09:30
Exogenons FGF2 enhance activin a expression to maintain SELF-RENEWAL and an undifferentiated state of human pluripotent STEM CELLS
Ae-Ri Ji
28/04/2015 09:30
Gene expression Regulation & Cancer
Santiago Schiaffino
21/04/2015 09:30
Mesenchymal stromal cells in health and disease
Per Anderson
07/04/2015 09:30
Fine mapping and functional analysis of a susceptibility locus in chromosome 6p21.33 suggest an immune-mediated pathophysiology for Bilateral Ménière?s disease.
Sonia Cabrera Martínez
24/03/2015 09:30
ADAMTS1 Activity and ITS substrates, NIDOGENS, in the vascular NICHE, tumour progression and NEO-VASCULARIZATION
Fco. Javier Rodríguez-Baena
17/03/2015 09:30
Grupo Genética de las hemopatías malignas y complicaciones asociada
Mª Luz Canet
10/03/2015 09:30
Grupo de terapia celular-génica
Francisco Martín Molina